Mandalay Solutions

Mandalay Solutions provides business consulting, marketing strategies and project management services based on over 40 years of business management knowledge and experience.

Business Consulting:

Mandalay Solutions can assess any¬†or every aspect of your business operations. We provide simple solutions to implement which will improve the efficiency of your business and bring more dollars to your bottom line. Whether it’s management structure, sales or production line refinement, customer satisfaction, inventory control or any other aspect of your business operation, we have the answers you need.

Marketing Strategies:

Mandalay Solutions has intimate knowledge and experience with creating cutting edge marketing solutions for a wide range of different business types. Marketing is the heart and soul of any successful business. All of our marketing plans are created with brand development in mind. Whether it’s website development, social media implementation or more traditional forms of marketing, we can give you the expert advice to dramatically improve your sales.

Project Management:

Mandalay Solutions can oversee the special projects from beginning to end. Installing a new Point Of Sale system? We can help. Building a new website? Let us oversee the development. Switching to a new accounting system? We’ve helped many businesses. Have a need for a simple inventory process? We’ve got you covered.