Handling all of your marketing needs to develop a powerful brand

How effective is your brand?

Have you ever wondered how major brand names like Coca Cola, Nike, Chevrolet or Sony have achieved the level of corporate branding identity that they have today? What can you do to develop that kind of brand loyalty in your marketplace? It’s all about Brand Development, and we would like to take a moment to help you understand corporate identity and branding.

What is Brand Development?

A detailed answer to this question and many others can be found on our brand analysis page. By examining the big picture of everything that you, your brand manager, your branding agency (that’s us!), your employees, your advertising, and even your facilities, equipment, and products do to represent your brand or your corporate identity we can provide you with a detailed report on the status of your corporate brand. We can then help you develop a brand marketing strategy to fit your expectations and your marketing budget.

Corporate Branding – where do you begin?

There are no easy answers, but it takes dedication and persistence to develop your branding strategy. The process is easier to digest if we apply the Latin phrase "divide et impera" or "divide and conquer"! As a branding company, we like to separate the major aspects of corporate identity branding into four categories.

Online Branding

– Your online brand image, including your website, your online advertising, and your leverage of social media.

Offline Branding

– All of your brand marketing efforts that are not web-based, such as print advertising, billboards, radio and television.

On-site Branding

– Applying your corporate brand to your facilities from the curb to the back parking lot. Everything from the logo on your sign and the paint on your walls to the smiles on your employee’s faces has an effect on your corporate image.

Off-site Branding

– The extension of your corporate image beyond your walls and into the community with attention to your company vehicles, sponsored events, and even your product branding.